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The mandate of the Canada Cuba Literary Alliance is to advance cultural solidarity between Canada and Cuba through the creative expression of poetry, prose, art and photography.


El mandato de la Alianza Literaria Canadá Cuba es promover la solidaridad cultural entre Canadá y Cuba a través de la expresión creadora de la poesía, la prosa, el arte y la fotografía.


Two awards that the CCLA have received.

The CCLA is honoured to have received the Point of Life Award for our significant contribution to art and literature.

Michael Levy, founder of the Point of Life Foundation, announced the CCLA was given this honour of The Point of Life Award of Excellence for bringing people together through art and literature. The Point of Life Foundation is a non profit organization established to provide education to the general public and to support research into better understanding spirituality and the purpose of life.  By bringing together the positive forces from science, medicine, philosophy and religion the Point of Life Foundation promotes a holistic approach to
enabling people to better understand the forces affecting their lives and thereby enabling individuals to manage those forces to bring them peace, serenity, freedom and enjoyment.
The CCLA is proud to receive
"The Poet Watch Award"
for our contribution
to poetry
on the web.

     Dear Richard Grove:

     Splendid work you are doing Richard.
     Fine contribution to the web.

     Ernest Slyman
     The Poet Watch

Bio pic of Richard Grove - BioRG.jpg
Richard Marvin Grove (Tai)
Richard lives in Presqu'ile Provincial Park in Ontario
and can be reached at -
Bio pic of Manuel Leon - BioML.gif
Vice President
Manuel de Jesús Velázquez León
Editor-in-chief for The Ambassador
Manuel lives in Holguin, Cuba
and can be reached at -

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The Ambassador is our flagship literary journal.  It is a 70 - 75 page perfect bound book with art and photography.  Membership in the CCLA is a Subscription Membership. Your membership fee pays for 4 issues of The Ambassador. We publish as often as our volunteer base has time.

For membership information contact Richard/Tai or Manuel or one of our CCLA Ambassadors.

For a single copy of The Ambassador mail $15 cash or cheque to:

            Canada Cuba Literary Alliance
            109 Bayshore Rd.
            Brighton, Ontario
            Canada, K0K 1H0

            We will mail you the latest issue.

Membership information - We need your membership but join because we have many opportunities to be published and because you will receive The Ambassador - our literary journal and The Envoy our CCLA newsletter. Join because you can then join us as a reader as our festivals. Join for the FREE booth space at different festivals including the CCLA Art & Lit Fest. Join so you can come on our CCLA author trips to Cuba. Join because you want to participate in parties and events.  Join to make new lit friends. We don't care why you join, just JOIN!!!

Publishing ops with SandCrab Books

CCLA Art and Lit Fests

CCLA 2014 Trip to Cuba - Holguin and Gibara and other day trips
Join us on our next writing workshop trip.
          All travellers will be published.

Submission Guidelines for The Ambassador Literary Journal

Contact a CCLA Ambassador in your area.

CCLA Book Store - CCLA and Members books

Canada and Cuba Travel Photo Gallery.
Come and see our travel photographs of Cuba and Canada
           Send  us your pics

 CCLA Readings Gallery.
       Come and see snapshots of our different CCLA readings

CCLA Federation of  Photographers Gallery.
Come and see work by Cuban and Canadian Photographers

CLLI - Canadian Literature Library Initiative. 
           We are looking for Canadian published books

Coming soon - Fine Art Gallery - We need a coordinator for this page

Can you help us?  We need used computer parts including advanced motherboards, hard drives, ram, CPUs, fans, video cards, usb cables, usb memory sticks, flat screen monitors etc. We need new or used laptop computers, paper, printers (with ink).  These supplies can be delivered to our Brighton office. They will be shipped to Cuba to our CCLA office there.  Duplicate items are welcome as they can be traded in Cuba for what is needed.

We do not need large tv type of monitors.  They cannot be trasported BUT if you can donate a flat screen monitor we can take them.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.  Please pass the word.  Email us and we will let you know details.

More to come so
come back soon!